Département de géographie et d’histoire — Université Cergy-Pontoise

Département de géographie et d’histoire — Université Cergy-Pontoise

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UFR Lettres & Sciences Humaines

Site des Chênes II,
33 boulevard du Port F-95011 Cergy-Pontoise cedex

Directeur de l’UFR

Directeur du département
géographie et d’histoire
et resp. filière géographie
Antoine BEYER

Resp. de la filière histoire

Resp. administratif

Delphine DELARUE
tél. 01 34 25 64 25.

Coordinatrice des Langues Vivantes

Responsable des Relations Internationales



  • LICENCES professionnelles Bureau 100
    Valérie GODICHEAU
    tél. 01 34 25 64 35
    Transport des voyageurs


Formalities upon arrival at the Department of Geography and History

You have decided to do part of your studies at the University of Cergy-Pontoise, and more precisely at the Department of History and Geography.

Once you have received confirmation of your acceptance at the University of Cergy-Pontoise (UCP), you must contact the Department’s pedagogical coordinator, Mrs Bourhis-Mariotti. She will help you choose your courses and answer any questions about your studies at the Department of History and Geography.

The first semester starts on September 9, 2013 so students MUST arrive between the 2nd and the 6th of September 2013 at the latest, in order to accomplish all the administrative and pedagogical formalities before the classes start.

For students coming for the second semester, the pedagogical enrolment procedure will take place either on the 6th of January 2014 or by email in December 2013, as classes will resume on January 6, 2014.

Indeed, once you have enrolled in the university (at the international office desk), you need to enrol in your course of study.
This consists in choosing your classes and organising your schedule (after passing a test confirming your level in French). You have to sign up for each class.
After you have received the pedagogical coordinator’s approval, you will be able to attend the classes.

There is one last thing to do before your arrival in France, though : you must download the "CMV" (Contrat de Mobilité et Validation), read it, and sign a sworn statement attesting that you have understood it and will abide by it. This document specifies the Department’s rules concerning foreign students’ mobility, class attendance and exams. This document must be sent or handed to the coordinator. She will check that you have done so before allowing you to attend classes.

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